Do you want to be a primary school teacher?

We have had the pleasure of working with many graduates over the years to enable them to successfully secure a place in their chosen Teacher Education College. Our promise to you is that our preparation will equip you to be more confident and competent when approaching your Teacher Education interview for the Professional Master’s in Education (PME) and will greatly increase your chance of securing a place. 

This PME preparation course will enable you to formulate your personal approach so that you come across as your authentic, best self at interview.

PME Interview Preparation

Helping you put your best foot forward

Study & Careers has a long track record in teacher education. We offer a unique expertise in Teacher Education Interview preparation for graduate students wishing to pursue the Professional Master’s in Education (PME) in primary teaching.

Course Content

Part 1:
1. Standard & format of interview – what the Teacher Education interviewing team seek.
2. Your expectations, your concerns.
3. Overview of Primary curriculum & key legislation governing primary school
3. Comhrá Gaeilge: The Irish Q. and TEG
4. Formulating your ‘philosophy of teaching and learning’, a preparation pack.
5. Effective answering techniques – Handling typical & difficult Interview Qs.
6. Communication: Learning to present Virtually;  Dress and presentation at interview.
7. Q & A

Part 2: Mock Interviews

Mock interview team includes an experienced Teacher Educator and practising Primary Teacher/ Principal.


Teacher CPD Courses

Train the Trainer Course

Switching Students on for Independent Learning

This is a 4 hour course for second-level teachers. Based on the book Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success, the objective of this course is to upskill teachers to enable their students to become independent learners.

A very useful in-career CPD course, it addresses key curricular requirements for ‘learning to learn’, wellbeing and career motivation .

Active & Reflective Learning

Increasing Students' Capacity to Learn

This focused course looks at the ways students learn and study best by helping teachers to become more aware of their own teaching and learning habits and the implications for student learning.

Engaging teachers in a range of motivation, organisational and planning approaches as well as active strategies that increase student outcomes and make them more reflective learners are a central feature of the course.

Matching Personality to Career Choice

Motivating Students about their Contribution

This meaningful and exciting course enables teachers to introduce students to what it is they would like to be and do in their lives.

Highly motivational, using the Challenge Cards, it empowers guidance counsellors and teachers to explore the contribution their students can make in the world, the challenges and problems they would like to contribute to solving, based on their values, interests, skills and personality.

The course puts the teacher in the shoes of the student. Interactive activities and case studies make this course particularly engaging and true-to-life.