Coping with Change

Making an Effective Transition from Primary to Second-Level

An interactive seminar for teachers and parents of 6th class pupils/ In-coming First Year Students

Transitioning to second-level is a key life change – how 6th class pupils adapt to their new second-level school matters and has lasting consequences. The evidence points to the need for the development of personal characteristics as a crucial preparation for young adolescents to be able to cope with change at an organisational, learning and personal development level. The objective of this important seminar is to highlight these changes and to facilitate a conversation which will enable teachers and parents to support and develop resilient young people and give them tools to be ready to cope with change as they transition from primary to second-level. Changes will be discussed for various types of pupils including the worrier, the child with learning difficulties and the highly able/ gifted child.

Expected Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:

  1. Be aware of the need to prepare 6th class pupils for the transition to 2nd level and the evidence supporting the need for preparation, with the support of Irish pupil’s video testimonies
  2. Identify, recognize and understand key changes the child will experience
  3. Have explored strategies to help the child cope with change
  4. Be aware of useful resources to support the child through this key life change

Course Facilitator

Dr. Healy Eames is an experienced teacher, teacher educator, author, facilitator and parent. Director of Study and Careers, an educational consultancy with a learning, wellbeing and careers’ focus, she is the author of the newly published book ‘The Gifted Learner: How to Help’‘Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success’ see www.studyandcareers.ie/shop and the online ‘learning to learn’ programme -see studyandcareers.thinkific.com- Fidelma has a long track record of working with teachers, students and parents. Her sessions are reputed to be thought-provoking, motivational and practical. 

Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc, BEd