Motivation and Career Choice

Lessons from the Values-based Indicator of Motivation psychometric test

Through a values-based lens, this meaningful and exciting course enables teachers and students to explore what it is they would like to be and do with their lives.

Drawing on lessons learned from the highly reputable and widely-used ‘Values-Based Indicator of Motivation’ (VBiM) psychometric test, it enables teachers, guidance counsellors and parents to lead informed discussions about meaningful paths to pursue arising from the identification of students’ values.

This meaningful and exciting course has benefits for both teachers and students:

(i) Teachers and adults can apply the value-based lens to their own lives to confirm their life direction and fulfilment.

(ii) It enables guidance counsellors, teachers and parents to guide students to discover what it is they would like to be and do through an exploration of their values.

By the end of this course you will be enabled to:

✅ know what values are

✅ explore and understand the link between values, motivation and fulfilment.

 ✅ explore the VBiM (Values-based inventory of Motivation) psychometric test as a useful tool to understand your own Values

 ✅ understand the difference between conscious and unconscious values as drivers

 ✅reflect on aligning your actions with your values as a guide to a more fulfilled life

 ✅ know about useful supporting resources

 ✅ be excited about the possibilities!

Interactive activities and case studies make it particularly engaging and true-to-life.