Study & Careers

Study and Career Guidance


We help students manage their goals and mindset while teaching them vital study, learning and writing skills. 


We help future teachers secure their PME place and enable current teachers to develop their effectiveness and achieve their teaching and learning goals. 


We enable professionals to transition to a career they love through sensitive career guidance, coaching and interview skills.

What do we do?

Study and Careers are experienced providers specialising in the creative fields of Study and Learning, Wellbeing, Writing and Career Guidance, with a unique specialism in PME Teacher Education interview preparation and teacher CPD. We offer Courses, One-to-One Consultations and Talks for students, parents, teachers and adults.

Study & Careers has three main aims:
1. To make learning easier through bespoke programmes and publications
2. To help you find a meaningful career direction
3. To enable you to solve challenges and achieve personal fulfilment

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What we teach


We equip you with study, learning and mindset strategies to make learning easier for you.


Writing is a craft that can be learned with the right tuition. We show you how to master this valuable skill.


We enable people to tap into their inner resources and feel better about themselves.


Interview preparation, including mock interviews, empowering you to excel at competency-based interviews.

Our Reviews

Fidelma Healy Eames of study and careers was of huge help to me in preparing for my Hibernia interview. Having been unsuccessful in my first interview, Fidelma gave me great advice and encouragement. I became much more confident going into my interview second time round and thankfully I succeeded with her help and guidance. She really put me at ease and coached me on how not to be nervous before and during the interview. Fidelma was a pleasure to deal with.

Mark Reidy

After lockdown which I think all parents found challenging, I couldn’t ignore my sons difficulty with organising himself and his time for home schooling tasks. With 6th class next year and no guarantees of full time school, I decided to take him to Fidelma to work on “learning how to learn”. These skills are vital for secondary school anyway and I fear 6th class won’t involve as much of this preparation as would normally occur. My son clicked with Fidelma straight away, she has a way with kids. She engaged with him very well in a way that met him at his level and he opened up to her. She set him some challenges for home and so far it has been very beneficial so we plan to continue. Highly recommend.

Helen Hancock

Fidelma was instrumental in helping me gain full-time employment after completing my degree in Product Design (UL). Through her interview preparation and extensive network of contacts, her willingness to recommend me to potential employers and employment agencies, she provided me with some valuable opportunities. Her continuous support and encouragement thereafter gave me the confidence to succeed and get employed in a fantastic company in the medical device sector which was my ideal choice.


I recently completed the interview preparation course with Fidelma and I am delighted to say that I am now enrolled on a PME with Hibernia College. Fidelma knew straight away how to help and support me in order to reach my goals. The mock interview gave me the last push I needed and really boosted my confidence. I am so grateful for all the support and guidance I received and I highly recommend working with Fidelma and taking all her advice on board. Thank you for helping me get there.

Sinead Mcmahon

I completed the interview preparation course with Fidelma. Her help and guidance are what aided me in receiving a place with hibernia. If I hadn’t come across Fidelma and the service she offered I don’t believe I would have applied for hibernia a second time. She really boosted my confidence and pushed me to achieve. I hope to carry the skills I’ve developed with Fidelma into the future while on my journey to becoming a primary school teacher.

Ellen Campbell