Student Career Guidance and Skills

How would your life change if you met your personal goals?

Whether it’s with your study or career plans our mission is to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

At Study and Careers we are fascinated by learning and how people learn. We love observing learners – be they children, students or mature learners – unlock the magic of learning for themselves. The overall aim of our ‘Switching on for Learning’ courses is to enable you the learner to become an independent learner and to make learning easier so you can take charge of your own learning.

With Career Guidance our intention is to enable you to unlock your future options, to explore career areas that will suit you, so you can pursue a career path that will fulfil you. We coach you with that end in mind.

What do we provide?


Enabling you to be all that you’re capable of becoming

• Identifying your needs and enabling you to put a plan in place to meet them.

• Issues include:

  • Life direction
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Changing negative habits
  • Dealing with stress,
  • Resolving conflict

Study Skills

Study Skills & Mindset programmes

Research indicates that for students to learn effectively they need to be motivated, to manage time and to have good learning techniques. We agree but first they need to get to know themselves as learners, their needs and what works best for them.

Each of our courses address your students’ needs at the stage they are at. They combine a range of self-management strategies and study skills to help your students to experience success.

Our new Online Course Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner offers you a unique way to develop as a learner, to progress in your own time and to dip into the various modules as you need them.

Career Guidance

Finding meaning in your life

With students from 1st year to Leaving Cert, it is hugely meaningful to visit the subject of dreams, life purpose and lifestyles, in an incremental way. Students gain motivation and benefit immensely from knowing the rewards for their work and effort and the contribution they can make to the world.

Vital too to share real life case stories to make the subject meaningful for students. The Matching Personality to Career Choice course addresses these concerns and more.


Welcome to the writing workshop

Writing is a craft – a craft that can be learned with the right tuition.

An essential skill that many struggle with, writing has many lifelong benefits that will help your students both personally and professionally. Our courses will help your students find their voice.

Assessment for your Child or Young Person

Diagnosing the problem; Responding with the Intervention

Further to discussion with parents and/or teachers and the learner, Study & Careers carefully selects tests and assessments based on the needs of the child/young person.

Below is a range of tests that we are accredited to administer and follow up with recommended interventions.

  • Emotional Literacy & Mental Health tests
  • Reading, Vocabulary & Comprehension Tests
  • Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Tests

Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner – Online Course

Try our exciting new blended Online programme. Develop your own skills as an independent learner, using tried and tested techniques developed by recognised world class educators. Our Study, Learning and Mindset skills will make learning easier for you and and help you to take control of your own learning.

Junior Cycle Courses

Courses take place face to face or on Zoom

Step into Your Future

Settling down to Learn - First Year Students

On completion of this exciting course your 1st year students will:

  • Be able to name the challenges they need help with at 2nd level
  • Figure out ways they learn best in practice
  • Learn strategies for organisation, planning, homework, memory and revision
  • Become aware of the importance of wellbeing as a prerequisite for learning

Switching on for Learning

Becoming an Independent Learner

On completion of this useful course your students will:

  • Identify the type of learners they are and figure out the strategies they should use to learn best
  • Increase their concentration and motivation through positive mindsets, goal setting and target setting
  • Learn to plan their time more effectively and use learning and study strategies for a range of purposes

Writing your World

Exploring different Writing Types

On completion of this purposeful course your students will:

  • Be enabled to recognise and understand the five main types of writing – expository, descriptive, narrative, persuasive and creative – and the purpose of each
  • Practise writing pieces in the various forms
  • Engage in sharing their writing and reflect on their learning

Transition Course

Coping with Change

How your child adapts to their new secondary school matters. The evidence points to preparation being key to young adolescents coping with change.

The objective of this important seminar is to facilitate a conversation which will enable parents to support and develop resilient young people and give them tools to be ready to cope with change as they transition from primary to second-level.

Senior Cycle Courses

Courses take place face to face or on Zoom

Switching on for Learning

Becoming an Independent Learner

On completion of this useful course your students will:

  • Increase their self-efficacy through self-evaluation of themselves as learners
  • Learn practical ways to increase concentration, motivation and time management
  • Acquire effective strategies for learning, chapter reading, summarising and memory
  • Practice approaches to manage stress and techniques for sitting the exam.

Switching on for Learning

Becoming an Independent Learner - Further Ed.

On completion of this focused course your students will:

  • See themselves as learners and be able to figure out how they learn best
  • Learn practical ways to improve their concentration and motivation, goal setting and time management in the midst of busy home lives
  • Learn to use a range of study and summarising strategies for their own purposes
  • Become aware of how to manage stress and cope with assignments and tests

Writing your World

Effective Essays, Guidelines and Practice

On completion of this empowering course your students will:

  • Be enabled to create effective thesis statements for their essays
  • Have opportunities to plan various types of essays eg., argument, compare/contrast, cause/effect
  • Have developed focused paragraphs to support their points
  • Learn to craft strong introductions and conclusions


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