Skills We Teach

Study Skills

Study Skills & Mindset programmes

Research indicates that for students to learn effectively they need to be motivated, to manage time and to have good learning techniques. We agree but first they need to get to know themselves as learners, their needs and what works best for them. We start by listening to their problems. 

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Don’t see themselves as a learner
  • Concentration a problem
  • Don’t know how to plan
  • Can’t find the time
  • Not motivated to read a whole chapter
  • More reading is the last thing they want to do
  • Don’t like studying in the way other students do
  • Find it difficult remembering
  • Feeling stressed, Don’t know how to approach the exam paper

Each Course addresses your students’ needs at the stage they are at. They combine a range of self-management strategies and study skills to help your students to confidently succeed.

Interview Preparation

Helping you put your best foot forward

Study & Careers offers Interview preparation, including mock interviews, as a core area.  Competency-based testing is a regular feature of most interviews today. This requires well thought-out preparation.

Study & Careers enjoys working with every person – student or adult – who seeks guidance and assistance. Each person’s career experience is different and this is reflected in the approach pursued by our career-related professionals

*Study & Careers has a long track record in teacher education. It offer a unique expertise in Teacher Education Interview preparation for graduate students wishing to pursue the Professional Master’s in Education (PME) in primary teaching.


Welcome to the writing workshop

Writing is a valuable skill and one that many struggle with. It is a craft – a craft that can be learned with the right tuition. Writing has many lifelong benefits that will help them both personally and professionally. Our courses will help your students find their voice.

  • Don’t understand the difference between the different forms of writing?
  • Can’t see why the audience matters?
  • Don’t know how to plan an essay?
  • Don’t know its purpose?
  • Which style should I choose?
  • Don’t know what should go in an introduction?
  • Don’t know how to write a good conclusion?

Career Guidance

Find purpose with meaningful work

What would you like to be?

When children are little everyone asks what would you like to be when you grow up. Regrettably, once they enter second-level this question frequently changes to – what course do you think you’ll get into, with the points taking precedence rather than exploring the young person’s desires and intentions.

It is vitally important to visit the subject of dreams, life purpose and lifestyles, in an incremental way, with students from 1st year to Leaving Cert. They gain motivation from knowing their contribution matters in the world and they benefit from knowing the rewards for their work and effort. Vital too to share real life case stories to make the subject meaningful for students. The ‘Matching Personality to Career Choice’ course and the ‘Challenge-based Career Guidance’ workshop addresses these concerns and more.

Working with students we see and hear them speak about a range of problems including:

  • Finding it difficult to stay motivated
  • Losing drive
  • Don’t see the point of all the work
  • No idea what they want to be or do
  • Worried about Course selections for CAO form
  • Not sure what career is right for them

Our Career-based courses help students resolve these issues for themselves.