Making an Effective Transition to Second-Level: Coping with Change

An interactive webinar for teachers and parents of 6th class pupils/ In-coming First Year Students

How your child adapts to their new secondary school matters. Regardless of ability, the evidence points to preparation being key to young adolescents coping with change. Addressing key changes including school organisational changes, puberty, personal characteristics and learning to learn, the objective of this important webinar is to facilitate a conversation which will enable parents to support and develop resilient young people and give them tools to be ready to cope with change as they move from primary to second-level.

Parents are welcome to have their child on-line with them.


Course Facilitator: Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc, BEd.

Dr. Healy Eames, PhD, MSc., BEd. is an experienced teacher, teacher educator, facilitator and parent. Director of Study & Careers, a learning, wellbeing and career guidance service, she is the author of ‘Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success’ see www.studyandcareers.ie/shop and online programme www.studyandcareers.ie/online-courses/

Fidelma has extensive experience working with students, parents and teachers on social, personal, learning and career-related topics. Her sessions are reputed to be thought-provoking, motivational and useful.


For further information on this subject read Fidelma’s article from the Sunday Independent (June 2020)