Making Learning Easy

Course Title: Your Brain & Learning Styles: Enabling students to use a strengths-based approach to study and learning

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Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc, BEd

Course blurb
This course explores how the brain works and students’ learning styles and demonstrates practical ways that teachers can make every class a ‘learning to learn’ class where students have opportunities to use strategies that enable them to engage with, and own their learning.

Intended Audience: Teachers (upper primary and second-level), Guidance Counsellors, Study Skills Co-ordinators, parents, students

Duration: 1hr 15mins (teachers) or 2 x 45 minute in-class sessions with students.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:

✅ understand the brain and the role the different parts play in well-being and learning – the survival brain, the stressed brain, the thinking brain, the contented brain.

✅ engage in a range of activities to enable the learner to establish their learner profile – their preferred learning style(s) and learning conditions.

✅ discuss the implications for learning and review a range of strategies – active and reflective – to match the learner’s innate strengths, empowering them to become more independent in their learning.

About Fidelma. Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc(Ed), BEd.,(Galway) has a long background in teaching, learning and teacher education. Her enduring interest is making learning easier. Passionate about supporting teachers and enabling learners to develop the mindset and skills to take ownership for their own learning, she currently job-shares as a teacher (SEN) and is Director and Lead Educator with Study & Careers.

 Author to  ‘Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success’, this has become a core text for teachers, parents and students interested in independent learning. In 2020 she developed an online ‘learning to learn’ programme used across second-level schools – newly-revised for 2021 based on teacher and student feedback with FREE PREVIEWS, it’s now available at https://studyandcareers.ie/switching-on-for learning/                                                                     

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