Developing a Writing and Wellness practice

in your classroom

Course blurb

This exciting and practical two session workshop ‘Writing & Wellness’ is designed to enable teachers, students and others to develop a writing and wellness practice that will enhance wellbeing and their creative practice. From short 5 minute spurts to longer sessions this course will leave you feeling inspired with practical strategies to enable you achieve success from the get-go.

Intended Audience
Teachers (primary and second-level), Guidance Counsellors, Study Skills Co-ordinators, Parents, Students and others.

1hr 15mins per session

Materials needed: Journal/ Note book, pen

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be enabled to:

  • Explore links between writing and wellness and its contribution to personal wellbeing.
  • Practise a range of writing strategies in various genres that will contribute to wellbeing, language development and creativity.
  • Engage and enjoy their creative side leading to feelings of fulfilment and joy.
  • Have opportunities to share their work if they wish to do so (but no pressure!)

About Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc., BEd., Accredited, BPS.

Fidelma is Director of Study and Careers, an education, wellbeing and careers consultancy in Galway. A teacher, teacher educator and author, her PhD is in language, creative writing and developing the writer’s voice. Laterally, she has developed a wellness practice that uses writing as a tool to enhance wellbeing. Taken together, they provide a fulfilling experience for participants which can be usefully and easily incorporated into the classroom, meeting important curriculum goals.

Her most recent book is ‘The Gifted Learner: How to Help’. It reveals a fascinating and engaging account of learnings and insights arising from her research with gifted and talented learners, ages ten to fifty-eight years of age, their parents and teachers. The book is a practical resource for teachers and parents to enable them to identify, understand and support gifted and talented learners.

For more about her new book see studyandcareers.ie/shop/

Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc, BEd

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