Challenge-based Career Guidance: Enabling Students to Unlock their Future Options

Students exploring their career options with Fidelma
Course Title: Challenge-based Career Guidance: Enabling Students to Unlock their Future Options 

Intended Audience: Career Guidance Counsellors, Teachers, Parents & Students  

Rather than relying on the age-old question ‘what do you want to be’ which does not work for everyone, challenge-based career guidance probes the question ‘what problems in the world do you want to solve’ and ‘what do you need to learn to do that?’

Drawing on a set of career cards, the ‘Challenge’ approach taps into the student’s motivation and values and helps them unlock their future options, careers they may not have considered heretofore.
Join us and see for yourself!  

Intended Outcomes  

By the end of the course participants will be:  

* Able to sift through career challenge cards and classify them according to their interest level

* Motivated by the range of careers available to them, within their selected interest areas

* Equipped with research tools to enable them to identify job opportunities that link into their chosen career areas

* Engaged in more meaningful career conversations that matter to them, enabling parents and guidance counsellors to facilitate them more effectively, at a more advanced level

* More excited and motivated about their future options, resulting in increased productivity levels.  

Course Duration: 1 hour 15mins  – delivered as Evening CPD or as a live in-classroom face-to-face session for students. 

About Fidelma

Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc(Ed), BEd.,(Galway) has a long background in teaching, learning and teacher education. Her enduring interest is making learning easier and enabling young people to pursue meaningful futures.

Passionate about supporting teachers and enabling learners to develop the mindset and skills to take ownership for their own learning, she currently job-shares as a teacher (SEN) and is Director and Lead Educator with Study & Careers.

In 2017, Fidelma completed a qualification in Psychometric Science with the British Psychological Society, equipping her as an accredited tester (Ability, Personality and Occupational) with several follow-up courses in career coaching.

Author to ‘Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success’, this has become a core text for teachers, parents and students interested in independent learning and career guidance. In 2020 she developed an online ‘learning to learn’ programme used across second-level schools. Newly-revised for 2021 based on teacher and student feedback with FREE PREVIEWS, it’s now available at https://studyandcareers.ie/switching-on-for-learning/           

Queries: Email: fidelma@studyandcareers.ie Mobile: 087-6776937