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Do you find it hard to get motivated?

Experience difficulty studying? 

Find summarising hard?

Disorganised, no Study System?

Afraid you will not do well in exams? 




With our exciting new blended online programme, you can learn to develop your own skills as an independent learner, using tried and tested techniques developed by recognised world class educators. And it's never been more relevant, with the uncertainty posed by Covid19 to your education.

Our Study, Learning and Mindset skills will make learning easier for you and prepare you for a lifetime of success in the competitive modern world.


Listen to 5th year student Sarah's experience!

And Junior Cert student Sean!

And 1st year student Diarmuid talks about success!

2nd year student Emily tells us about her experience:

And 2nd year student Isabella as well!


Here's what our new Online course will give you access to:

1. Blended learning programme spanning 6 modules, offering c.15 hours of content:

Module 1: How to Satisfy your Brain; Know your Learning Styles
Module 2: Motivation & Concentration
Module 3: Managing your Time, Learning to Plan
Module 4: Reading to Learn, Learning to Summarise (Study & Learning Strategies)
Module 5: Memory & Recall, The Study-Review System
Module 6: Sitting the Exam, Managing Stress

2. Videos to bring the concepts and strategies alive, developed with Irish students (12-20 years old).

3. Exciting resources in each Module (all downloadable) to help students embed the learning for themselves

4. Discussion forum where you can reach out and ask questions pertinent to your own situation at any time during the year

Our  programme uses both cutting edge and trusted educational approaches which will not only help students, but be of great benefit to teachers and parents too. We integrate our approaches with real exemplars so that you get the maximum advantage!

Listen to Principal Mairéad talk about how 'Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner' course helped her students.

We also enable parents to support their young person, figuring out the best way forward to overcome challenges.

We are offering our comprehensive new programme on an introductory offer of €39.95. It is an investment in you and your student's future. With this offer you will get access to the course content and the discussion forum, to use at your own pace, for the entire 2020/21 academic year..This means that students will be able to access the content whenever they want during that time period eg., they may wish to re-visit some modules a number of times. This is highly advantageous. 


Contact us to find out how Educational institutions can take advantage of our group agreements for even more impressive value.


Don't miss out! 


See how we can Make Learning Easy for you, click here!

'I would like every student to be able to avail of this programme. Having worked with thousands of students, I know how much it will benefit them'.

Fidelma Healy Eames

Course Author

For more details about Fidelma's work check out


Sign up for the full programme today! Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner

Enrol in our exciting new blended learning Online programme today for the 2020/21 academic year at the introductory offer of €39.95 per student. 

Educational institutions can take advantage of our group agreements for more impressive value -  email: for further details.

Enrol today at:

This programme will:

1. Enable you to make learning easier

2. Equip you with study, learning and mindset strategies that you can apply to your own work

3. Build your confidence and competence to take control of your learning and make your own of it.

Proven to achieve results for 2nd level and further education students.

Wishing you every success,


What We Do

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Our Clients

Advice and support at the right time was essential for our son

My son went to see Dr. Healy having dropped out of NUIG half way through his first year. He had made a poor course choice and very soon dropped behind. It hit his confidence hard. Fidelma worked with him over a series of sessions and carried out some tests that helped him look at his motivation and personality. He needed help with anxiety too. He got some good guidance and it made him feel good about himself again. He is now half way through a new course and is much more confident. Advice and support at the right time made all the difference.

Maree Oranmore parents
We are overwhelmed and grateful for your input into our son’s future

I want to thank you for meeting our son. You were so open and welcoming to Traolach on our arrival which relaxed him and allowed him to fully engage with you. As you know he was in a bad place at the time but thanks to your empathy and enthusiasm he has made huge progress and continues each day. You gave Traolach an opportunity to explore his position in an informed environment. You were so well prepared for the meeting which allowed you to draw out and inspire Traolach. Thanks to that meeting with you Fidelma he has achieved a full-time job as well as a place on a course in September 2020 if he wants it. He is so happy and upbeat, all thanks to your knowledge , experience and encouragement. As a family we are overwhelmed and grateful for your input into Traolach's future.We know that anyone given an opportunity to meet you will be confident and well informed as to what is available to them, allowing for their specific interests and ability. Thank you so much.

Ballinasloe family of young man who had dropped out of College.


Successful Studying: Towards Becoming an Independent Learner

Successful Studying: Towards Becoming an Independent Learner is a 20 page Student booklet  designed by Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD. It provides a menu of activities that supports the work of our Study Skills & Mindset courses at second-level, based on our book 'Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success'.

Read More

Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success

Written by Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames & Ms. Sara Hannafin, this text is based on the premise that students learn differently. Beginning with a chapter on helping you to figure out how you learn best, it provides you with a range of strategies and mindset approaches to make your study and learning more effective. It meets the 'learning to learn' intentions of the curriculum.

Read More
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As parents our intention is to give our children "roots" and give them "wings". Strong roots to help them believe in themselves and to give them a good start in life. Wings to help them set out on their own and become independent.

This journey is not always plain sailing for every child or young person. Some benefit from individual help from time to time. Study & Careers believes in the innate talent and uniqueness of every child. It knows that timely help can enable your learner to overcome challenges they face along the way. To do so, it offers courses for you the parent and one-to-one private consultations to support your student.

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